NORSE philosophy is us, who we are and how we work together:

Working in NORSE is like being part of a family. We work together, we develop together, we take care of each other and solve the many daily challenges together.

We continue this philosophy including also our clients. We are here to help you create value and always strive to provide the competency and reliability you deserve, and we hope that you remember us as people you would like to work with again. Our business depends on building long-term relationships.

We succeed together by doing our business the right way.

There are no shortcuts, and safety always comes first.


We are incredibly focused on attracting and retaining the right people, with the right values in NORSE. By consisting of a greatly competent group with the right mentality, we have the right foundation for reaching our goals. NORSE is us colleagues.

In NORSE come together to be:

SEEKING GROWTH (Utvecklande)
GENUINE (Personliga)
RELIABLE (PĂ„litliga)

HSEQ Focus

NORSE provides high quality diamond core drilling with consistent, safe operations and focus on reducing our environmental footprint.

These are three equally important aspects of the results we achieve. All decision processes and standard operating procedures shall maintain this balance, and the competence, continuous improvement and training we conduct is part of ensuring results which we are proud of.

The basis of our operations is to ensure high quality cores and information results for our clients.

Our quality focus extends to making sure we have consistent and safe operations. Neither we in NORSE nor any of our partners have any interest in having any operations which are not conducted in a safe and efficient manner. Ensuring consistent and safe operations, therefore, is an extension of the quality services provided to our clients.

Finally, in order to provide quality services, it is a necessity that we respect the environment and local communities in which we operate. We continuously improve and develop our operations, our operating procedures and the tools we employ to reduce the environmental impact our activities cause.

We in NORSE are committed to providing an industry leading HSEQ mentality, reporting and performance.

If you have any suggestions for how we might improve further or how we can work together in further developing our practices, please let us know.

If you have any observations of unsafe operations, concerns or complaints, we would very much welcome that you share these with us so that we can improve. Please send us the relevant information by pressing the button on the right. All requirements will be treated anonymously unless otherwise agreed upon.

Come Work With Us

We love to work with clients with challenging projects and a wish to make an impact.

If you have a project where we might contribute, please let us know.

We have a range of partners with which we seek to develop and implement better solutions.

If you have a suggestion for how we might work together, please let us know.

NORSE is growing quickly, and we are always interested in getting new colleagues helping us move forward.

If you would like to consider becoming part of the family, please let us know.

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