Norse Diamond Drilling

Norse Diamond Drilling AS is a Scandinavian diamond core drilling company established by a partnership of seasoned drillers and business developers. Norse is looking to combine years of drilling experience and high-quality equipment with a mindset focused on reliability, productivity, and transparency to develop and provide Scandinavia’s most professional drilling services.

Our drillers have experience in most types of surface drilling including heli-transported campaigns as well as underground drilling including upwards drilling and directional core drilling. Norse offers services with a rig capable of drilling diameters and depths as follows; BQ: 1 000 m, NQ: 750 m and HQ: 500 m.

For heli-portable operations Norse deploys a tailor-made platform that reduces time per rig move, allows multiple azimuths and dips to be drilled from each location without helicopter, and reduces surface impact.

With a custom made helicopter rig for our drill, we can provide our services in almost any location