NORSE Diamond Drilling is a highly experienced provider of diamond core drilling services.

We provide high quality diamond core drilling with consistent, safe operations and focus on reducing our environmental footprint.

We define our goal with three elements, where we demand that our decisions and actions shall contribute to creating value for all three: – People   – Environment   – Financial

We simply believe this is the most robust and best way to create long-term value to our employees, partners, clients and shareholders. We succeed together by doing our business the right way.

NORSE has a strong ESG focus as an integral part of every decision and action made by everyone in the company. HSEQ consideration is part of every decision process and is managed by dedicated, experienced personnel. We continuously develop and improve both our systems, reporting and results, so if you have suggestions for how we can improve, please let us know.

Background and History

NORSE Diamond Drilling AS is a Nordic diamond core drilling company established by a partnership of seasoned drillers and corporate executives.

NORSE is established as a fully owned subsidiary of Arctic Mineral Resources AS, a Norwegian corporation developing sustainable mineral industries.

NORSE combines years of drilling and mineral industry experience and high-quality equipment with a mindset focused on reliability, productivity and transparency to provide the Nordic’s most professional core drilling services.

NORSE was established in 2021 and started our first operations in Norway early 2022. We now have 22 employees, and – as is becoming habitually – are having another rig specially developed for a client project coming in soon.