NORSE Diamond Drilling is a highly experienced provider of diamond core drilling services within the Nordics.

We provide high quality diamond core drilling with consistent, safe operations and focus on our environmental footprint.

We define our goal with three elements, where we demand that our decisions and actions shall contribute to creating value for all three:






We simply believe this is the most robust and best way to create long-term value to our clients, employees, partners and our shareholders. We succeed together by doing our business the right way.

NORSE has a strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) focus as an integral part of every decision and action made by everyone in the company. HSEQ consideration is part of every decision process and is managed by dedicated, experienced personnel.

We continuously develop and improve both our systems, reporting and results, so if you have suggestions for how we can improve, please let us know.
ESG Model

Background and history

NORSE Diamond Drilling AS is a Nordic diamond core drilling company established by a partnership of seasoned drillers and corporate executives.

NORSE is established as a fully owned subsidiary of Artic Mineral Resources AS, a Norwegian corporation developing sustainable mineral industries.

NORSE combines years of drilling and mineral industry experience and high-quality equipment with a mindset focused on reliability, productivity, and transparency to provide the Nordic’s most professional core drilling services.

NORSE, established in 2021 with operations commencing early 2022, comprises of 22 employees with over 160 years of drilling experience. As is becoming a habit, NORSE is growing one rig at a time with the right contracts, operating with new equipment and hand-picking the best drillers that possess the NORSE attitude.



Arnold Rørholt, Executive Chairman

Arnold is a lawyer with an international background within natural resources law. Former Senior and Managing Partner and Head of Natural Resources in Schjodt, a leading Norwegian law firm. Former CEO / Chairman of Norcon PLC, a multinational telecom and defence consultancy. Has occupied several non-executive positions.

You can reach Arnold by sending an email to arnold@norsedd.com or
calling +47 465 44 691.


Torbjörn Rinzén, Co-founder and Business Developer

Torbjörn has experience in the core drilling and mining industries, both as a specialist and as a business owner and company leader. Torbjörn is a champion for building the right culture in NORSE and building the best team for the planned growth and development. Torbjörn has nurtured a network of close relationships within the industry.

You can reach Torbjörn by sending an email to torbjorn@norsedd.com or calling +46 (0)70 699 54 54

Martin Hagstedt

Martin Hagstedt, COO

Martin has experience from several different senior leadership positions, prior to joining Norse Diamond Drilling Martin held the position as Managing Director at a company within the industrial sector.
Through his career he has had a strong focus on transformation and operational development. Martin creates value by leveraging process standardization and organizational development, always with the mindset that success is created through team effort.

You can reach Martin by sending an email to martin@norsedd.com or calling +46 (0)70 342 60 80

Sylvia Andersson

Sylvia Andersson, CFO

Sylvia brings extensive experience from CFO and leadership roles in the IT and software industry. She has a background to drive change and growth in fast-moving industries, underpinned by strong team spirit to deliver and overachieve on set goals.

You can reach Sylvia by sending an email to sylvia@norsedd.com or calling +46 (0)73 337 86 84

Per Ödmark

Per Ödmark, HR & Communication Director

Per has extensive experience as HR and Communication Manager from several business. His specialist areas are leadership training, change management and communication. Per has a strong business focus and contributes by linking HR value processes to both the employee perspective and business development.

You can reach Per by sending an email to per@norsedd.com or calling +46 (0)70 529 02 09


Veronica Standal, Administration Manager

Veronica is the NORSE Diamond Drilling team as Administration Manager. Veronica has a varied background in operations and administration from several industries, including health and safety. Veronica is also very active, participating in various local organizations. If you hesitate about who in NORSE to contact, Veronica is the best to contact; she will guide you in the best way.

You can reach Veronica by sending an email to veronica@norsedd.com or calling +47 911 71 782



Tore Viana-Rønningen, CEO in Arctic Mineral Resources

Tore has experience from corporate finance, risk management, and mining investments as a private equity investment professional in Barclays Natural Resource Investments (’07-’11) and investment banker in Barclays Capital (’05-’07). He has broad management experience from listed and private companies with an extensive mining industry network.


Hege Tinnesand, CFO in AMR Group

Hege has experience from management positions in listed and private companies, including working with companies from early start-ups to IPO and through trade sale. She has previous experience as CFO in several companies, including a listed shipping company, an international offshore business, and most recently in a listed cyber technology company.


Ethan Barnes, Commercial Adviser

Ethan is a geologist with experience in mineral exploration and underground mining in Australia, Scandinavia, and Greenland. Having been a client himself for many years, Ethan facilitates the connection between NORSE drillers and geologist clients, tailoring services to meet specific needs and data objectives. He has an intimate knowledge of mineral reporting codes and associated processes, core handling and analytical methods.

Drilling Managers


Fredrik Lindström, Drilling Manager

Every day our Drilling Managers face many tasks, not only on the rigs. Our Drilling Manager Fredrik Lindström is often our resource also before any drilling activity takes place when new projects are planned. He has great knowledge and broad experience in what’s important to plan and execute a new project in the best way. He also has a great interest in technical questions and is our own” Mr. Diversify.”

You can reach Fredrik by sending an email to fredrik@norsedd.com or calling +46 (0)73 091 08 78


Jonas Lindberg, Drilling Manager

Jonas has extensive experience providing high-quality core drilling and handling operations from the Nordics. Jonas is a Drill Manager in NORSE, responsible for ensuring that all our clients receive the best possible drilling and information results from their campaign while ensuring safe and efficient operations focusing on minimizing our environmental impact.

You can reach Jonas by sending an email to jonas@norsedd.com or calling +46 (0)70 513 12 63

Patrik Tjärnlund

Patrik Tjärnlund, Drilling Manager

Besides our fantastic crew, every company must work with the most reliable equipment possible. It is many things to have in mind for a company that has a high expectation when it comes to safe and high-quality equipment for the best possible production. Patrik has over 15 years of experience in what’s important to think, plan and execute in this field. Every workday, Patrik is developing our future to be safer, more productive, and smarter.

You can reach Patrik by sending an email to patrik.tjarnlund@norsedd.com or calling +46 (0)70 339 42 63


Ingemar Larsson

Ingemar Larsson, Specialist - Equipment & Procurement

NORSE is happy to have an objective professional regarding our needs for the right equipment. Ingemar has many years of experience with all types of equipment needed in our daily operations, serving our customers the best way. He has worked in worldwide companies, Atlas Copco & Epiroc, and his knowledge is well known. When it comes to quality and logistics, Ingemar is a real champion.

You can reach Ingemar by sending an email to ingemar@norsedd.com or calling +46 (0)73 059 49 72

Krister Larsson

Krister Larsson, Specialist - Drilling & Technical

It isn’t many countries around the world that Krister Larsson hasn’t visited at work. For many years he has been employed by Atlas Copco and traveled worldwide, starting up rigs and solving problems. Krister has also been in the front for R&D and has developed new rigs but also new equipment for drilling for many years. Krister is one of the most experienced persons in the business around the globe, and we are happy to say, he is with us; he is with NORSE.

You can reach Krister by sending an email to krister@norsedd.com or calling +46 (0)70 582 22 30

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