NORSE stands for and strives to be a Nordic Operator of Reliable, Safe, and Eco-aware core drilling services.

We build our business around five cornerstones to which we are fully committed.


We value our clients’ social license to operate. By recognising and countering the invasive nature of drilling we aim for local stakeholders to be at least as positive post drilling as before. Caring is a key trademark internally in our daily operations, and externally through our charity program, Core-for-Care.


We value open dialogue. Transparent communication is key for building trust and maintaining strong relations with stakeholders. During drilling we maintain direct lines of communication between clients and operators 24/7 to allow for everything from a close-up of a piece of core to continuous progress updates.


With several geologists on staff we are well placed to design fit for purpose, safe, and cost-efficient drill campaigns together with our supervisors, specialists, and lead operators. Deploying our continuously evolving HSEQ system, we aim to identify challenges and risk mitigants through a set of procedures.


Our operators have executed drill campaigns ranging from underground directional drilling with tight deviation targets, deep drilling, triple tube, through heli-portable campaigns with minimal footprint. While we’re prepared for challenges, we focus on approaching them thoughtfully and responsibly.


NORSE always aims to provide good quality at a fair price. We see every drill campaign as unique and equally, we do not believe that generic price lists are fit for purpose. If you have a drill campaign, please contact us and through dialogue we will together identify the right set of services to fit around it.


General inquiries and questions
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Recruitment, HR & Communication
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